25 Jul 2014

Butlin's Ahoy.....

Butlin's is a rather contentious word in the British holiday-makers vocabulary, to some it's a good activity filled family get-away and to others its....well....not...there is one thing for sure however, Butlin's is a household name here in the UK and its popularity continues to grow to this day. Butlin's started its life in the mind of the  amazingly alliteratively named Billy Butlin, from whom I think it's safe to say it gets it's namesake, it's a good job they didn't go off his full name Sir William Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin Resort...doesn't quite have the same ring.

The enigmatic 'Billy' Butlin was born in South Africa to the son of a clergyman!! No, not a preacher man sorry Dusty. His origins were rather turbulent as far as childhoods go, he moved from South Africa to England following his parents divorce at the age of 7. Whilst in England he began travelling the country with his Grandmothers fair, something we here at Gandey's Productions can relate to as our very own Phillip Gandey hails from a travelling circus family. The fair was where Billy began to hone his skills in business and also the entertainment industry, that he would put to use in later life. 

After a brief jaunt in Canada, and serving within the Canadian army during WW1 Billy returned to England with just £5 to his name. A feeling we can all relate to when this close to pay day. He rather entrepreneurially invested £4 of his £5 riches hiring a stall at his uncles travelling fair, bringing Billy's story full circle and thus so ends the story of Billy Butlin....

Moving on from false endings like Meatloaf on a motorcycle, this is where the story becomes part of more modern history - with Billy Butlin's business flare he went on to make a fortune through his own fair, leading to him building the first Butlin's holiday park in Skegness in 1936. The rest is history with many Butlin's holiday camps opening up throughout the country, today of which only 3 remain, the original in Skegness, one in Bognor Regis and one in Minehead. 

Butlins isn't just a holiday destinations for thousands of families up and down the UK each year however, it's also been the starting point for many a celebrity, kind of like the X Factor of holiday camps. Celebrities that  once donned the iconic red coat include Des O'Conner, Jimmy Tarbuck, Michael Barrymore and even Mr Summer Holiday himself Sir Cliff Richard! Still not running out to buy his calender though? Can't say we blame you....

You may be asking yourself, 'this amble through the history of Butlin's and Cliff's clutches at youth  has been great an all, but what has it got to do with Gandey's World Class Productions, besides the emphatically symmetrical lives or Phillip and Billy?' Weeeeell we are holding our very own circus show's in Butlins at the moment for all wonderful people there during the summer holidays! We are in Skegness, Minehead and Bognor Regis performing 3 shows a day everyday except Monday all the way through to August 31st!

So if you happen to be visiting one of the Butlins resorts this summer, be sure to check out our world class circus production! We promise not to disappoint!

4 Jul 2014

Bonnie old Scotland!!

The kilts have been dusted, the coats have been adorned and tartan is well a truly in this season....it can only mean one thing The Lady Boys of Bangkok are back Scotland! Scotland holds a special place in he heart of the Lady Boys because it was Edinburgh fringe where we first unleashed our unique take on cabaret to the world and it's been a glittery roller-coaster ride since then. So it's thanks to the adventurous Scots who gave our, lets face it rather 'different' show a chance that we now have the annual Lady Boys of Bangkok tours taking place throughout the UK. So a big mwahh to you Scotland!

In celebration of our Scottish heritage this blog will be about all the glorious happenings in Bonnie Scotland this fair 2014!!

May as well start off with the most quintessentially Scottish part of the blog, the age old Highland Games.  Now you may be expecting a subliming professional photoshop of a Lady Boy caber tossing and you'd be right....Ole doesn't even look as if she's trying!

The Highland games take place at many venues all over Scotland in the summer months, and are a truly unique celebration of Scottish culture, sport and heritage. They have everything from feats of strength like the caber toss (Ole's favourite) and tug of war to piping and dance competitions, oh and kilts lots and lots of kilts. The games are a must see in Scotland, the Lady's will definitely be going if it fits into the tour.

You may not be aware of this, but the Lady Boys love tartan! I mean what's there not to love, all those criss-crossed horizontal and vertical lines, all that....wool, its a multifaceted pattern. So they will certainly be excited by the International Tartan Festival taking place in Glasgow next weekend! This is basically a celebration of all things tartan with exhibitions, trade stalls and even workshops. All topped off with a cat walk show show casing work by Scottish designers and also designers for all over the world, so if you like squares and criss-crosses this is place for you!

Taking things back into a somewhat contemporary field Scotland is also playing host to numerous film festivals this year. These range from the more prestigious Edinburgh Film Festival (which took place last month)  which saw big name actors and big budget films grace is rouge coloured carpets, to Lanarkshire's Deep Fried Film Festival which hands out awards named after Fish and Chips favourites - such as the amazingly named Golden Fritter awards. The later takes place in August/September at four venues in the country, it includes armature films and funny awards to is definitely worth a look see. 

I don't know about you, but Scotland is looking like the place to be this summer. Not only with the above to entice you theirs also the Commonwealth Games starting at the end of the July, with more athletics than you could shake a long forgotten empire at. Oh and lets not forget the one stop shop on any budding Thespians existential calender - Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world which takes place every August in the bustling capital of Edinburgh. Not only does is it the birthplace of the Lady Boys of Bangkok productions, last year there was 2, 871 other shows at the festival, if...you know...The Lady Boys show isn't enough for you...you could go see other things I guess, it wouldn't hurt our feelings at all....honestly though the Fringe festival should be on anyone's list to attend this August, its also not the only place the Lady Boys are playign we are in Dundee this week, then Aberdeen and then the Fringe with some theatre dates as well - check those out here

Sooo here's to Scotland, our new home for the next two months!