20 Aug 2013

Scotland, Ed Fringe and Feathers

It's been a super fun time in Scotland so far with all the thrills and frolics of the Lady Boys of Bangkok UK tour, and here's a little update of the adventure so far. The glamour hasn't stopped with a whirlwind of fun happening every night up in the highlands. From the opening of the Dundee Box Office to photo calls and the ladyboy's favourite activity - shopping! It's been smiles, fun and applause all round.

Opening of the Dundee Box Office
The Meadows

Don't Rain On Their Parade!

Black Cab Charity Event
Gail Porter enjoyed the Lady Boys show at Ed Fringe!
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16 Aug 2013

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Being part of the bustling world which is the UK events industry it's always a brilliant opportunity to explore and attend some of the most amazing exhibitions and shows around the world. Recently Carol attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed which is an annual event based in the south of England showcasing the best of motor sport and car culture. The Festival of Speed 2013 was the celebration of 20 years of the event, with automotive enthusiasts travelling from around the globe to attend the entire atmosphere was simply fantastic. One attraction which caught many eye's was the most expensive Ferrari and Airstream set up pictured below. After working in the events and tours industry for many years this is a lavish expense people in the trade might only dream of! 

Goodwood Festival of Speed

''The 2013 Festival of Speed theme celebrated the best of the first 20 years of this, the world’s most popular motor sport and car culture event. Goodwood focused on highlights from the Festival’s glittering history, featuring the biggest, best, fastest, loudest and most outrageous vehicles of all time.
Goodwood recaptured many of the outstanding Festival of Speed moments from the 1993-2012 era, with great cars from around the world making a rare return to the UK; famous car/driver pairings reunited, for a weekend not to be missed.''

The 'Vintage at Goodwood' festival is also a delightful event held in the same location, which celebrates the history of British culture in the 40's, 50's and 60's. With stunning fashions and classic cars it really does transport you back in time to days where teddy boys and milkshake girls came together to dance all night to rock and roll. With make up and hair stylists to live bands and exhibitions, the Vintage at Goodwood event is a calender highlight for all. 

Have you been to an event at Goodwood? 
Which event is the highlight of your year?

7 Aug 2013

Updates from Carol Gandey - Edinburgh Fringe!

This week Gandey World Class Productions very own Carol Gandey has popped up to Scotland to be part of the exciting hustle and bustle which is the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As the biggest event of it's kind; bringing together the best in comedy, performing arts and entertainment, the Edinburgh Fringe brings all walks of life together in this wonderful city. From the Lady Boys of Bangkok themselves, performing at The Meadows in their Studio Big Top, to the the vivid array of comedy, dance, and even children shows. There's something for everyone at the Edinburgh  Fringe each year, so it's no wonder it's one of the most successful and popular events of it's kind in the entire world! 

Edinburgh Fringe Box Office

Edinburgh Fringe Royal Mile

Edinburgh Fringe

Speigal Tent, George street 

BBC at the Edinburgh Fringe

BBC at the Edinburgh Fringe

The Gilded Balloon
The Lady Boys of Bangkok at The Meadows
The Lady Boys of Bangkok at The Meadows!

Circa Wunder Kammer at the Edinburgh Fringe
A particular highlight of the trip was the wonderful cabaret of the senses explored in the magnificent Circa Wunderkammer.  With a tagline of being 'A breathless cocktail of new circus, cabaret and vaudeville'  it was certainly a show which would never fail to impress. Consisting of 7 sensational performers this unique show is an inspiration and a joy to be able to experience, in particular the super human abilities and strength of the performers, who demonstrated the most impressive feats of skill within the show.  
Which acts have you seen at the fringe this year?
Are there any others you would recommend?

5 Aug 2013

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Infograph by Virgin Money

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe caters for everyone from the biggest names in showbiz to emerging performers and covers all sorts of art forms such as theatre, comedy, children’s shows, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, all genres of music, exhibitions, street performers and events.
You'd be amazed to find out what goes into the biggest arts festival in the world...

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Via: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe