30 Apr 2013

New Nail Releases 2013!

Nail art is something that has sky rocketed in popularity over the last 3 years or so. With so many new innovations and DIY kits to create stunning nail looks at home it's no wonder that companies are constantly looking to release the next big thing for your finger tips! It wasn't long ago that we saw the introduction of the 'Caviar Manicure' and more recently the 'Chalkboard Manicure', but here is a round up of some of the latest nail polish picks to hit the shelves soon that we are ever so excited about:

Sequin effects, denim effect, ultra violet nail art.

From sequins to denim, there seems to be a mixture of trends which are flooding the nail art world for 2013. The new denim effect nail varnish from Bad Apple Cosmetics is a lovely denim blue shade with a hint of shimmer, which will be well up to date with the 90's come back in fashion which seems to be happening right now. We can just picture it - our Lady Boys of Bangkok rockin' the dungaree's with jellie sandals and denim nails! In a slightly more colourful and pretty direction we have the new Barry M Nail Paints in an array of Sequin Effects. They remind us a little bit of 'It's a Trap-eze' from the Cirque Du Soleil China Glaze collection we blogged about back in February, especially the lighter shade on the right! And finally, released online today we have the brand new Paranormal range from those cult beauty pioneers Illamasqua. It hasn't been long since they wow-ed us with their I'mperfection range featuring those speckled nail effects, but they have certainly wow-ed us again with this new innovative UV nail varnish. Not only do they have a range of striking colours which glows under ultra violet light, but they also have a top coat which means you could make any of your favourite colours a  glowing UV spectacular! 

Which nail look will be gracing your finger tips?

29 Apr 2013

A Q&A With Carol Gandey

Happy Monday everyone! If Monday is getting you down, remember there's only two working Monday's in May! Well, unless you're one of our beautiful Lady Boys of Bangkok who will be continuing their Glamorous Amorous Tour throughout the month down in Brighton (and beyond!). A quick update today to share an interview on Event Magazine with the equally as glamorous Company Director Carol Gandey. 
You can read it :here: 

Interview with Carol Gandey

17 Apr 2013

The LadyBoys of Bangkok Land in Bristol!

Since the Lady Boys of Bangkok hit UK soil it's been an absolute whirlwind of shows and performances - enough to make your head spin (right round, baby right round, like a record baby). The opening events in Derby went down a storm, and included a guest appearance from the Mayor of Derby herself; Lisa Higginbottom! Which you can read all about here.  The Sabai Pavilion was as lavish as ever, with the usual welcoming atmosphere and electric ambience! The LadyBoys are currently doing a small bout of theatre dates before their triumphant return to Bristol this Friday where the Glamorous Amorous tour continues at Castle Park. Glamorous Amorous will be situated in the purpose built Sabai Pavilion from Friday 19th April until the 27th! A short but sweet stop indeed.

Glamorous Amorous Buy Tickets Online
If you haven't got your tickets for this unique, once in a lifetime, cabaret experience yet you can get your  tickets online from www.whatsontickets.com

16 Apr 2013

Macadamia Oil - The Ultimate Hair Range!

If you weren't already aware, the Ladyboys of Bangkok take their appearance very seriously. They are always playing with the latest make up brands and trying out the latest trends. Despite wearing a wonderful array of wigs and hair pieces throughout some of the acts, the Lady Boys like to show off their natural locks as much as possible! When back in Thailand the Lady Boys of Bangkok often turn to the old favourite Coconut Oil and have been using it for many years on their hair and skin (it really is wonderful stuff!) but now and again they discover new products which give them such a dazzling result it's hard to look back! The Macadamia Natural Oil Range is a selection of those products which the Lady Boys now simply cannot put down! From root to tip, start to finish, there is a perfect product to keep hair in top condition.
tips for healthy hair

12 Apr 2013

Happy Songkran 2013!

Songkran is the annual celebration of New Year in Thailand. Meaning 'astrological passage'. It is the time of the year when traditions reign supreme in Thailand, with many Thai people taking part in the festivities. Celebrated from the 13th to the 16th of April annually, celebrations include travelling back to their home towns to celebrate with elders and the more hands on activity of taking part in the water fights around the streets Thailand! The most famous area of Thailand to celebrate the new year is the largest  and most cultural Northern City, Chiang Mai. Hosting many festivals throughout the calender year, Chiang Mai is renowned for being one of the most popular locations of celebration in the country. Lasting up to 6 days in Chiang Mai, it's no wonder that natives and tourists alike travel to the region to take part in the massive water fight that takes place. The traditional greeting is "สวัสดีปีใหม่" (sawatdi pi mai) which basically translates to "Happy New Year" but you will also find people use "สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์" (suk san wan songkran) which means "Happy Songkran Day"  because 'pi mai' is more often linked with the 1st of January rather than the Thai New Year itself!

Another factor which rates highly in any culture's New Year celebrations across the globe is FOOD. As you know, on the Gandey World Class Productions blog we love to talk about food, so looking at recipes which are made during Songkran has our mouths watering! The BBC website is a treasure trove for Thai recipes to whip up at home right now, so check it out and give some a go.... We highly recommend the 'Slow Cooker Massaman Curry'. Massaman is a delicious peanut and potato based dish, which is hearty and moreish, and is an excellent alternative to a stew in the UK right now during this shockingly cold spell of weather we are having. And to make it feel that little bit more tropical you can wash it down with a 'Thai Smash' cocktail, ooossh! We don't think there'll be any water fights here in the UK for the Ladyboys of Bangkok though, the last thing we want is for one of our stars to catch a cold when they have so many shows planned for the Glamorous Amorous tour!

10 Apr 2013

Bearded lady Mariam, from Germany....

If there's one thing the Lady Boys of Bangkok know about, it's about feeling and being different from everyone else. And this is why we have now got a new icon in our lives.... Bearded lady Mariam, from Germany, who has never felt sexier in the 28 years since sprouting her facial hair after the birth of her son in 1985. On 'This Morning' Mariam tells Holly Willoughby all about her experiences with the decades of plucking and preening her 'goatee' and how she has now finally embraced her new look - never feeling more confident! In 2008 Mariam decided to let nature take over and now this admirable lady makes a living from her new found follicles of confidence by travelling the world as part of festivals; even taking part in a Circus show as the bearded lady! 

As with anything or anyone who decides to break from the 'norm' Mariam's journey has not been an easy one. Receiving horrible and cruel comments about her appearance is something that unfortunately Mariam is used to, but that doesn't phase this brave woman and her courageous and admirable journey of self discovery.  Now Mariam no longer fills her days obsessing over her facial hair, no time is wasted in the mirror making sure nobody can see it, and she now has a new sense of freedom and expression which she wants to share with the world! With more self esteem than ever Mariam has  rediscovered a new zest for life. Hats off to you Mariam! We are now obsessed with reading the Bearded Woman Blog  and can't wait for more updates! 
Speaking of bearded ladies, carnivals and side shows, Gandey World Class Productions are proud to present, in association with Van Buren, their very own Victorian Wonders Sideshow which will be launching very soon. Keep a look out on our social media channels and blog for more information! 

9 Apr 2013

A Millie Mackintosh Inspired Golden Glow

The new series of Made in Chelsea hit the small screens last night, and it was just as explosive and action packed as ever (we say action packed, but about as action packed as long awkward pauses and looks between sentences can be). Twitter users whipped up a storm, Spencer getting the brunt of the drama whilst many others simply seeked a golden glowing complexion like super babe Mille Mackintosh. So today, in honour of Millie, we are showing you a collection of our favourite products to create that beautiful golden glow! 

Beauty Blog UK
Getting that golden glow isn't about looking bronzed or tanned. It's more about achieving that beautiful healthy gold hue to your skin. Many highlighters are more of a light pink shimmer rather than this 'perfect for summer' gold colour in the above products. The Giordani Gold Make Up Base from Oriflame is the perfect primer ready to prep your skin for foundation. It works from beneath to create a lovely dewy finish creating a slight richness to your complexion. Benefit Sun Beam is a beauty bloggers favourite, you can use it either mixed in with your foundation for an all over subtle glow or pick out area's to highlight like the cheekbones, brow arch and cupids bow for a sunkissed effect, this isn't too dissimilar in effect to the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand which comes with a built in brush, ideal for a travel make up bag! And our Ladyboys of Bangkok know how to travel! Finally, long time favourites MAC cosmetics have a brilliant range of 'skin finish' products which can be dusted all over for a soft focus effect, or used in separate concentrated area's, some of the richer shades are ideal as a iridescent blusher for a pinch of colour across your cheeks. What's your favourite summer highlighter?

Buy Ladyboys of Bangkok tickets online now! Lowest booking price on the web.

8 Apr 2013

China Wish List - Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Even though the sun is just beginning to appear in the UK we're still thinking about jetting off for a holiday. After blogging about the Handou Panda Hotel we started to contemplate a taking a trip to China and have compiled a list of the 10 things we'd really like to see there;

The Great Wall of China
Obviously a trip to China wouldn't be complete unless you paid a visit to The Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the world, but did you know after you've studied the cultural history you can opt to toboggan down it!

Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing provides the best Chinese shopping experience by combining high end malls with the bustle of a flea market. The street vendors offer a wide array of authentic food; if you've ever wanted to eat a scorpion on a stick, this is the place to do it! You can also sample snake, starfish and spiders.

There are two sanctuaries where you can pay a visit to see the giant bears in their natural habitat. You can also have a cuddle with one, and get your picture taken with your new best friend.
A Giant Panda from Chengdu Panda Base
Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is said to give the best views of the bright lights of Hong Kong. Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on the island and you can choose from various modes of transport in order to get to the top.

The Chinese Imperial Palace, left over from the Ming Dynasty, is made up of over 9000 rooms and is a shrine to the artifacts and architecture from 1400 onwards.
The Forbidden City at Sunset
The Terracotta Army
The terracotta warriors are another cultural must see; the pits house an estimated 8000 soldiers and 670 chariots and horses meant to be representative of the armies of the First Emperor of China

Gulangyu Beach
Gulangyu Island is a car free island just off the coast that allows people the oppourtunity to relax on the warm sand, seperate from the hustle and bustle of modern China.
A strip of beach at Gulangyu Island
A secluded part of Gulangyu
China houses many impressive temples, but what set Potala Palace apart is that it is home to the Dalai Lama. It is heralded as a “golden feather on the roof of the world” and you do have to climb at least 400 steps to reach it. Once inside though you can meet with some of the many monks who call it home.
Potala Palace on top of Red Mountain
Everything you would expect from Disney World, but possibly more exciting as everything is bigger, more colourful, and more interactive.

Another definitively Chinese shopping experience; after the sun goes down traders, fortune tellers and performers set up to sell everything from electronics to antiques.

If you fancy getting some Chinese culture without having to make the 10 hour flight, check out the Chinese State Circus tour dates here.

5 Apr 2013

WIN A Bad Apple Cosmetics Goodie Bag

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